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125% Ltv

This popular loan program is a great way to reduce your monthly payments by allowing you to consolidate those high rate credit cards and installment loans. Cashing-out equity for home improvement or for an investment opportunity may be another reason for selecting this type of loan program.

Example of how you may benefit from our 125% LTV loan program

...Before Refinance:
Home Value: 200,000
Credit Card Debt: 75,000
Rate: 6.85%
Term: 30 Years
Mortgage Payoff: 150,000
Monthly Mortgage Payment: 982.00
Monthly Debt Payment: 1,250

...After Refinance:
New Loan: 237,000
New Rate: 7.25%
New Payment: 1,616.76
Old Payment: 982.00 + 1,250 = 2,232.00
Monthly Payment Savings = $615.24
Yearly Savings: 7,382.88
3-Year Savings: 22,148.64
5-Year Savings: 36,914.40

* Payments based on 30 Year Amortization, 100% ltv, 1st lien position, 7.25% rate, 7.35% APR.

APR may vary depending on term and amount.
Rates are subject to change.
Loan application subject to credit and underwriting guide lines

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